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Post Links Redux

This plugin was born out of a necessity for a custom theme I was working on. For this particular theme, I needed to show text in the next and previous post navigation bar even if there wasn’t a next or previous post for the one you’re currently viewing. The standard WordPress template tags you would use in this case (next_post(), previous_post(), next_post_link(), and previous_post_link()) don’t offer this functionality, leaving you with nothing returned if there isn’t a post. This plugin changes that.

NOTE!!! This plugin only works (without a hack in your template) on single post pages.

Download: Post Links Redux

Plugin Notes:

ver. 1.0 – Initial Release, January 04, 2008
Initial release.

Upload post-links-redux.php to your wp-content/plugins directory.

Disable plugin in Admin panel. Upload new post-links-redux.php, overwriting the original.

After installing/upgrading, enable the plugin via the Plugins tab.


<?php plr_next_post(); ?>

This would show “next post: Next Post Title” as a link if there was a post that came after the currently-viewed post, or “next post:” as plain text if the current post is the most recent.

This plugin uses the same parameters and format as the next_post and previous_post WordPress functions. For more info on these functions, please visit the codex.

If for some reason you run into trouble, please don’t hesitate to email me or post a comment on this page.