WordPress Dev TextMate Bundle

Since I switched to working on a Mac over a year ago, I’ve been using the awesome TextMate text editor (I don’t do WYSIWYG… πŸ™‚ ). Not long after, I found the WordPress Theme Bundle (bundles are packages of commands, templates, and snippets that make working with TextMate so much fun) by Brett Terpstra. It’s a great bundle, and has seen me through many themes, but along the way WordPress has updated, as has TextMate, which meant things didn’t work as they should or as intended. Brett’s bundle also didn’t have any templates for standard theme files.

So I took it upon myself to update the things that needed updating, add the things that needed adding, and generally spruce it up. In the spirit of the open-source community, I’m happy to release my version.

Download: WordPress Dev TextMate Bundle

To install, just unzip, and double-click to add to TextMate. If TextMate is currently running, you might have to close and restart it to see the new bundle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here, or contact me via the Contact page.

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