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This plugin is no longer available.

Want to run a simple website using WordPress as a CMS, but don’t want (or need) the Post functionality? This is the plugin for you. This plugin rewrites the Admin menu link order to put the Pages menu item at the top of the Admin menu.

You may also notice that there are now two download options. This is because version 2.0 is only for WordPress versions 2.7 and above. The menu item numbers changed in 2.7, so the new version of the plugin won’t work correctly on WordPress 2.6 or earlier. If you’re still running version 1.0 of the plugin on an older version of WordPress, there’s no need to update, as you already have the newest version that will work for you (though, I highly recommend you upgrade WordPress as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features and security enhancements).

WordPress 2.7+: CMS-LIke Admin Menu ver 2.1
WordPress 2.6 or older: CMS-LIke Admin Menu ver. 1.0

ver. 2.0 – February 10, 2009
Update to comply with new menu styles in WordPress 2.7.
ver. 1.0 – Initial Release, January 29, 2008
Initial release of plugin.

Screenshot of plugin running on WordPress 2.7
Upload cms-menu.php to your wp-content/plugins directory.

Disable plugin in Admin panel. Upload new cms-menu.php, overwriting the original. Enable plugin in Admin menu.

There is no usage per se, since all the plugin does is changes link orders on the Admin menu.

If for some reason you run into trouble, please don’t hesitate to email me or post a comment on this page.

28 thoughts on “CMS-Like Admin Menu”

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  2. OK, I have found how to fix it: I use WP 2.9.2 and it seems that the translate function have been changed since your release. So I did copy the 2.9 ‘wp-admin/menu.php’ code parts into your ‘cms-menu.php’ and I did change indexes to match the order (as you did) and that runs!!!


  3. Hi Keith,

    Very great plugin, but how can we get it multilingual? I use ‘French’ as native WP language and when I activate CMS-like Admin Menu, ‘Pages’ sub-menu appears in english while it is in french otherwise… Thanx πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi just checking whether anyone has any problems with a duplicate 'Categories' menu item when using this plugin, as im having. Any help on how to fix this appreciated, thanks

    1. Had the same problem. Fixed it by changing a number in cms-menu.php
      Change the line that starts with this
      $submenu['edit.php'][20] = array(__('Categories')
      to this
      $submenu['edit.php'][50] = array(__('Categories')

      That seemed to make it work fine for me

      1. It took a bit more than that, but a new version was just released this morning that fixes the double Category link issue and added support for custom taxonomies. Downloads both here and at WP Extend have been updated, so grab the new version.

  5. I rewrote the function to make it easier to simply rearrange the menus. Just edit the plugin and replace this funtion:

    function change_post_links() {
    global $menu;

    // copy menus
    $temp[5] = $menu[5]; //posts
    $temp[10] = $menu[10]; //media
    $temp[15] = $menu[15]; //links
    $temp[20] = $menu[20]; //pages

    // reset menus
    $menu[5] = $temp[20]; //move pages
    $menu[10] = $temp[5]; //move posts
    $menu[20] = $temp[10]; //move media

    First it copies the menus to a temporary array. WordPress goes in increments of 5, im guessing to leave room for custom menus. If you have custom or additional menus you may need to add them as well. Then it reassigns the menus to whatever order you want. In my example above it changes it to Pages > Posts > Links > Media. I did not bother changing the other menus, but if you want to just add them in.

    I believe this method is easier than reassigning every submenu.

  6. Since you are updating the plugin I`d like to come with a feature request:
    1. Add Posts as nr. 2 under Pages. Makes more sense…. ( Pages just moved over Posts, small hack I guess )
    2. Options to make Posts into News, Articles, Blog, etc. Makes more sense when used as CMS

    1. I have plans to update it to be more user-configurable, but right now I have more important matters to attend to before I can devote that much time to my personal interests.

  7. Sorry, I tested before reading… πŸ˜‰
    Yes, you're right, it doesn't fully fit into the new menu layout (and the menu rows are lapping over each other a little when using Firefox). However, I can live with that.
    The problem is that I'm lacking the option for managing posts (I plan using a calendar using posts for the events).

  8. I almost had hemorrhage when I saw this page. I thought I had created an identical plugin, but on closer inspection it seems we have taken a radically different approach.

    My plugin takes things a step further by removing the bulk of the admin panel features, leaving behind the bare shell to allow users to create/edit pages only. It is intended for those who are purely using WordPress for running static websites without any need for posts or comments.

    Simple CMS WordPress Plugin

    I will add a link on my plugin page to yours in case someone finds your plugin more appropriate for their purpose.

  9. Great plugin man – really handy. One minor issue, when you click Manage – the class=”current” isn’t applied to the Manage link (thereby not highlighting the Manage tab you’re on). Any idea how to fix that?

  10. This is a cool plugin, just what I need for the things I do, however it does not work when I click write. It works just fine when I click on manage but when I click write it goes to post.
    Any ideas on how to change this?

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