Extending WordPress

Here’s a list of my extensions to WordPress (themes, plugins, widgets, etc). If you have an idea for a custom theme or plugin, please feel free to contact me.

Plugins and Widgets

CTC – Configurable tag cloud plugin for WordPress 2.3+.

Post Links Redux – Replacement for the post navigation template tags to show non-linked text instead of not showing anything if there’s not a next or previous post.

CMS-Like Admin Menu – Changes the WordPress Admin menu Write and Manage links to default to pages instead of Posts (for use in CMS-like situations).

WordPress Admin bar – Adds a bar at the top of your pages with links to common admin actions.


Blue Shift – My entry in the 2007 Design Vitality WordPress Theme Competition.

Reciprocity Theme – Public version of my original blog theme.

News Portal Theme – WordPress conversion of the open-source News Portal template.

Other Stuff

TextMate WordPress Development Bundle – Bundle for the TextMate text editor for doing WordPress development.

Dynamic Page Graphics in WordPress – Details a technique for using dynamic images for pages based on page title.

Note: unless otherwise noted, all plugins and themes are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).