2 thoughts on “CTC — Template Tag Issue Resolved”

  1. My problem is quite different. The plugin works fine out of the box with the template tag, but once I try to set things up using the options page, it stops working completely. Further, on the options page there are a few things out of order — extra characters, and things that look like they should render inside the code of the plugin and not onscreen. I took a screenshot, but can't find your email address. Let me know if you'd like to see what I'm talking about.

    I'd love to use this plugin, as it is almost exactly what I'm looking for, but right now I can't.

  2. When I choose to display less tags than I have is it possible to show an "display all" link at the end (after tha last displayed tag). This will let a visitor know there are more tags. Clicking this link should now display all tags, maybe in a new page.

    Problem is I have more than 50 tags and i want to show around half of this but with a link at the end to allow users didplay all if they like.

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