News, Updates, etc.

Ok, first things first. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.7…have you?

For the most part, my plugins still work work without need for an upgrade, with the exception of my CMS plugin. It needs some adjustment to account for the new menu system in 2.7. It’ll still work as intended, it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the new menu design. Right now I’m not sure when I’ll get a fix pushed out for it, but if you use the plugin, you should get an upgrade notification when I release the upgrade.

And while we’re on the subject of plugins, I’ve almost come to the conclusion that version 4.5 of CTC is the last one that will be released. It does more than I ever intended it to do as it stands, and it works without issue. I’m still going to try to get the tag exclusion feature to work, and that will probably incur a version bump, but as of now I have no timeline on when this might take place.

EDIT (12.16.08): The download links for my plugins are now working again. The download manager I use wasn’t quite ready for WP 2.7, but it has been upgraded, and is now functioning correctly.