WP 2.3 Configurable Tag Cloud Widget – Version 2 Released!

After a few days of hacking, I’m proud to present version 2.0 of my configurable tag cloud widget for WordPress 2.3. The big news in this release is you can now specify colors to form a gradient for your tag links.

Screenshot from my testing blog showing a gradient from #c0c0c0 to #000000:
tags screenshot

The other big change is I have gone from using the WordPress-native tag cloud generation code to using functions internal to the widget. I had to go this route in order to add the color features, but it opens up the code for adding other features.

One more note to mention. I have removed the “array” format option from the config. I don’t think it would be of very much use in the widget, but if someone can explain how and why it should/can be used, I’d be much obliged. I left the code for it in the widget file, so if you need it, you can edit the file to uncomment it (it’s on line 217 in tag-cloud.php).

As always, you can find the latest release of the plugin here.

WordPress 2.3 Tag Cloud Widget

I’ve been testing the new version of WordPress since the first beta (that’s part of the reason the new site design hasn’t gone live yet). It’s pretty sweet, but in testing, I found the tag cloud widget that comes with WP 2.3 lacking in configuration options (as in, there are none). So I set about to fix that. I hacked up my own tag cloud widget that lets me configure the tag cloud to fit my theme.

If you would like to take a look at it for yourself, head on over to the Configurable Tag Cloud page. Feel free to leave any comments on the widget on this post.