CMS-Like Admin Menu – Version 2.0 Released.

In case you haven’t noticed the update notification on your WordPress plugins screen, I released an updated version this morning. No functional changes have been made (or needed), but the plugin in now 100% compatible with WordPress 2.7. You can get the updated version either via the automatic update function, or you can head over to the plugin page to grab a copy manually.

You may also notice that there are now two download options on the plugin page. This is because version 2.0 is only for WordPress versions 2.7 and above. The menu item numbers changed in 2.7, so the new version of the plugin won’t work correctly on WordPress 2.6 or earlier. If you’re still running version 1.0 of the plugin on an older version of WordPress, there’s no need to update, as you already have the newest version that will work for you (though, I highly recommend you upgrade WordPress as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features and security enhancements).

As always, please feel free to leave any comments on the plugin page.