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Black and White Shrub

I’ve been on a black and white photography kick lately. I don’t know what triggered it, but I can’t get enough of well-done monochrome photos. I did this one tonight based on a photo I took of a Lilac shrub in my front yard.

B&W 1

I did quite a bit of manipulation in Photoshop to the original shot to get this output, but I think the results are worth it.


I finally managed to catch this on camera. I’ve seen this happening a lot this winter, but it’s usually while we’re in the car and don’t have the camera handy (anybody wanna chip in to buy me a decent small point & shoot cam for my birthday? 🙂 ). This morning when I walked outside and saw this, I just had to duck back in the house and grab the camera. Here’s Wikipedia’s entry on icebows.

These 4 shots were taken on the back steps this morning.

Icebow 01.17.07    Icebow 01.17.07

Icebow 01.17.07    Icebow 01.17.07