Anyone want a piece of cryptographic history?

Wow…of all the times to be caught not being independently wealthy! 🙂

1938 German Enigma Machine

For those who don’t know, the Enigma machine was a cipher machine used to encrypt and decrypt secret messages by Nazi Germany before and during World War II.

What would you do with something like this? Nothing really, other than being able to brag about having an original Enigma machine… :).

Interesting New Advertising Platform

So a while back I signed up for this new web community. It’s called MyMindshare (note, that link is my affiliate link, so if you click it and sign up, it helps me out). Te general premise is that people post ads for goods and services they think are cool (but there are others that are targeted based on your profile and survey answers, more on that in a minute). If a link interests you, you click on it. Here’s the best part…the site pays YOU for looking at content…well, sort of. At the moment, you can’t cash out your account (that will come after the site moves into the black), but you can use your accumulated money to place ads that will pay others for clicking on them.

It’s an interesting system, however, it’s new, so of course there aren’t that many active users. But hey, you never know, this could be the next Digg

Funny Tattoo

Ahh, the things you find when idly surfing the net. For those not hip to the HTML language, those two lines are the closing tag of the head segment (where stuff like the title of the page is set) and the opening tag of the body segment (the content of the page). It’s not something I personally would do (I’m not a fan of neck tattoos in general), but it’s still pretty funny in a geeky way :).

HTML tattoos